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Rockett has an ongoing relationship with this global Tech company based in the USA. We were commissioned to develop a responsive website along with collateral design and regular online graphics required as part of the marketing strategy. The client relationship has evolved over the years into a great partnership. Rockett delivering whatever the next direction this strong company needs to take next.

We have recently finished a new phase of Web Development, re-aligning the companies Service offerings. The current website is available to view:

Client Testimonial

“Working with Rockett has been a fantastic experience. Their professionalism and attention to detail helped complete our project ahead of schedule and with amazing results. Rockett supported and executed every stage of the project, from design, development, launch and maintenance, with our every need in mind. The team was responsive and available whenever we needed and went above and beyond to ensure we received exactly what we wanted (and more). We could not have been more pleased with their work, and our customers are telling us the same. We are and will continue to partner with Rockett for all of our website, collateral and design efforts. They helped make the entire project enjoyable; their expertise and client management is second to none”
Jake Nelson – Corsec Marketing Manager