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2Seas Sessions

2Seas Sessions – 2Seas Studio, Bahrain

Print Production
Web Development
Video Graphics

Rockett was commissioned to create a Corporate Identity, Website and Print materials for this state of the art recording studio project based in Bahrain. The project is ongoing and involves various mediums. Rockett worked closely with selected partners to film and edit the artists video and was required to develop the brand through to intro graphics for the videos all the way through to branded guitar plectrums.

2Seas Studio as mentioned is based in Bahrain which happens to be between Two Seas. We took this and the nature of the project to base our concepts for the Logo and graphics.The project is very rewarding and looks like it will keep growing as we are currently developing a new version of the current website:
We have¬†added one of our¬†current favourite 2SeasSessions Artists to date – King Size Slim’s video to show the intro graphics in action.